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Suure-Jaani Music Festival  
Suure-Jaani is situated in natural beauty spot and has copious cultural heritage, so it is the best place for several cultural events. Such concentration of culture we can find here: famous composes and conductors Artur Kapp, Villem Kapp, Mart Saar, Julius Vaks; worldfamous painter Johann Köler; naivestic painter Paul Kondas – those are some of famous and notable people, who are worked and lived in Suure-Jaani.

The first Suure-Jaani Music Festival was arranged in midsummer of 1998. It was dedicated to composers family Kapp and artistic leader and the arranging committee includes producer and organist Andres Uibo as consultant.
Suure-Jaani Music Festival

The concerts of the festival will take place in Suure-Jaani Baptizer Johannes Church, Home-museum of composers Kapp, Suure-Jaani Hunting house and Suure-Jaani Song Festival dais. Every year the list of perfomance places is growing and now there are some new and interesting places: restaurant “Arturi Juures”/”At Artur`s Place”, fire-fighting tower, Olustvere castle ja Hüpassaare swamp island. Concerts and perfomance had taken place indoors and outdoors, in daytime, nighttimes in the evenings and even in the early mornings!

On the first Music Festival there was pieces of music composed only by Artur Kapp, Villem Kapp, Eugen Kapp and Mart Saar, now the program has increased and includes work pieces from several estonian and worldwide composers, from classic and contemporary creation. In additional traditionally concerts full of feeling historical dancing perfomances by Strauss-band recitation and afternoon music sessions take place at restaurant “At Artur`s Place", where several musicians and composers talk about music and play some music. There are also several photographic and art exhibitions during the music festival.

Suure-Jaani Music Festival takes place traditionally in every Midsummer.

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